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  1. Best Blogs to follow about Apple

    Best Apple BlogAre you an avid Apple fanatic? We're willing to bet a high percentage of mobile users are. If so, in the below blog post we have taken a look at some of the more credible online resources in Apple news in 2017! Make sure you are up-to-date on all the latest information and rumors on upcoming Apple devices before they hit the market!

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  2. Tips for Creating a Personal Property Checklist

    Dorm Room InsuranceBy now, you’ve probably come to grips with the importance of obtaining personal property insurance for your belongings as you go off to college this fall. However, what’s the purpose of insurance coverage if you don’t actually recognize that something is gone? The idea that you won’t notice when something has gone missing might sound crazy, but it might be more common than you think!

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  3. Introducing the Smart Light Bulb... Yes, I’m Serious.

    Smart Lights

    If you were just beginning to think that the Smart Refrigerator was officially the end of all Smart home appliances… you would be wrong. That’s right! If you are looking for the right light bulb to set the appropriate mood for your room, then this just might be the new innovation for you! Numerous companies have released their own version of the Smart Light Bulb, but which one is best for you?

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  4. How important are Emojis? More important than you might think!

    Important Emojis

    Welcome to 2017, where the "smiley face" is among the most important communication tools available. Think I’m joking? How many times have you received a text message simply stating, "K."? Be honest, your probably spent the next 20 minutes mentally trying to interpret the mood of the sender on the other end. It truly is among the world’s greatest mysteries. Thus introducing, the power of the emoji!

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  5. Most Frequently Stolen Property at College

    Stolen LaptopWithout a doubt, personal property is extremely important to the lifestyle of a college student. You’re at a point in life where financial security is a pipedream and you’re living on your own for the first time in your life. So the importance of your personal property multiplies, and thus the importance of making sure you are protected multiplies as well.

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  6. Staying Fit with Technology

    Stay fit with tech this college semesterAs a college student, it's a constant struggle to remain physically fit while enduring long days of seminars and late nights of studying. In addition to that, the struggle of eating right and often enough becomes a chore in itself. In summation, fitness often becomes an afterthought when you're living a relatively unpredictable schedule. So, in a technology-based world, how do we ensure that we are getting in an appropriate amount of exercise, sleep, etc.?

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  7. Most Cost-Efficient Cameras for Photography Majors

    Student Personal Property InsuranceWith the evolution of technology over the past decade or so, photography has become more than just a simple hobby; photography has become a viable profession for enthusiasts everywhere! With a potential salary that ranges up to around $72,000.00 annually, the photography field has definitely become a booming market.

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  8. Razer’s Power Bank brings whole new life to external battery industry

    Razor Power Bank College StudentsLast week, we shared a post on social media about the brand new Razer Blade Pro and its impact on the gaming and graphic design industry. However, the Blade Pro is not the only impactful product hitting the market for the Razer brand in 2017. In fact, in March, Razer plans on releasing its brand new Razer Power Bank, which is the latest in external battery technology.

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  9. A College Students Guide: Choosing the Best Laptop

    Choosing the Best Laptop for College Students The moment you decide which college you will attend is not the last big decision you will have to make as an incoming college student. After you’ve come to that conclusion and have decided what you will be majoring in, there are still some large decisions for you to make. For instance, what laptop is going to accompany you on that four-year journey? Normally, we take these blog..

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  10. Best Tablets for College Students in 2017

    Best Tablets for College Students in 2017Let’s be honest, as a college student, gone are the days where you enjoy putting together long Christmas lists for family members who are looking for any clue as to what to get you. In fact, how often do you find yourself simply asking for money for the holidays? I get it. I’ve been there! So the question is what to do with that extra money accrued over the holiday season?

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