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Did you know?

Renter Insurance Discounts for College StudentsWhether you’re living on campus or studying abroad, NSSI has you covered! From spilling coffee all over your laptop to dropping your smart phone in the parking lot, you’re covered wherever you go.

Mobile Device Insurance for Students Did you know that NSSI covers more than just electronics? We cover everything from clothes to textbooks, even jewelry. So whether you accidentally flushed your great- grandmother’s ring or your roommate ran over that expensive business textbook, we’ve got you covered.

Dorm Room Insurance | Personal Property InsuranceDo accidents seem to follow you wherever you go? Don’t worry, we can help! At NSSI we offer unlimited claims on damages to your personal property. Whether it’s a shattered laptop or a flattened smartphone, we’ve got you covered.

Laptop Macbook chromebook, ipad accidental damage coverage protector casesGot a dog that lives to destroy furniture? With coverage from NSSI, you can protect your personal property and enjoy your furry friends too. Our plans includes coverage for accidental pet damage.

Insurance Plans

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Coverage and Premiums

Student Dorm Room Insurance Coverage and Premiums

Coverage Options with Affordable Premiums

Our most popular plan includes worldwide coverage for theft, fire, flood, natural disasters, vandalism, lightning strikes and accidental damage, including liquid spills and drops to electronics.

Check Provides coverage for a twelve (12) month period
Check Purchase replacement cost coverage up to a maximum of $10,000 coverage
Check Select a $50 or $100 deductible

Coverage AmountAnnual Premium
($50 Deductible)
Annual Premium
($100 Deductible)
Pricing may vary by state

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