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  1. iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (a college student's guide)

    iPhone XS Max Vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusWe have all seen the comparisons from the new Galaxy S10 Plus to the iPhone XS Max. But we can't really compare apples to oranges.

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  2. 5 iPhone/iPad Mobile Games Fun To Play Between Classes!

    Top iPhone App Games of 2019 2018. Bored Games
    Getting a seamless schedule at college may be near impossible to get. You may find yourself having twenty to thirty minutes before you have to rush off to your next class.

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  3. Best College Student Laptops/Tablets

    College Student Using LaptopWinter break and the holiday season is upon us! And, as a college student, if you are anything like me, you have highlighted one main item on your holiday wish list this year...

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  4. Tips for Remaining Productive During Winter Break

    College Student on Winter BreakFor most college students, winter break is right around the corner! Having a few weeks off after finishing finals or mid-terms is relaxing and well-deserved.
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  5. Tips for Keeping your Personal Belongings Safe this Halloween

    Have a Safe HalloweenAlmost everyone enjoys a fun Halloween party! Halloween encourages its participants to be creative (and competitive) with wildly designed costumes and themed food and beverages.

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  6. Google making its mark in Higher Ed. Curriculum

    IT College StudentWith Information Technology (IT) jobs becoming more prevalent in today’s working culture, Google has decided to create curriculum that will help those interested in acquiring the necessary education to get into the profession.

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  7. Tips for Ruling your Freshman Year at College

    College FreshmenIncoming College Freshman are, undoubtedly, entering into an exciting stage of their lives! There is a feeling of independence, heightened responsibility and a little bit of uncertainty.

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  8. Upgrade your Personal Property this Semester!

    Back to SchoolThe fall semester is quickly approaching for college students and the brainstorming of what to take back to school is, certainly, in the front and center of everyone's mind.

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  9. How to save money during your college years

    Saving Money in CollegeTypically, the farthest topic from a college students mind is saving money while in school. At this point in your life, there is typically not a large amount of income flowing in and what income you do have goes towards recreational activities and school supplies.

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  10. How are you spending your summer? Take a look at these ideas!

    Summer Freedom on the beachThe end of the school year is finally here! With the summer having officially arrived for college students, it’s time to figure out plans for this much needed time off. For many, there will be vacations planned and trips to the beach on the docket, but you don’t need elaborate vacations to make your summer a success.
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