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If you don’t have a car on campus, a bike is a great way to get around. But there are a few things to consider before you take your bike for a spin around town. Here are a few important points to think about:

Get a Solid Lock

Dorm Insurance Unfortunately, bike thefts are very common on college campuses. Make sure you keep yours safe by investing in a solid lock.

Don't Just Park Your Bike Anywhere

Check your campus’ bike guidelines before you decide to chain your bike to a tree or stairwell. Some will only allow you to chain your bike to a bike rack, and you risk having your bike impounded if you decide to park it anywhere else.

Look for the Most Efficient Routes

NSSI Before you start riding your bike to class or the grocery store, take a look at a map so you can make sure you’re taking the most efficient routes.

Keep Your Bike Maintained

Like any piece of machinery, a bike needs to be maintained to run properly. At least every two weeks, make sure you’re checking your tire pressure, brakes, chain and shifting. It’s also good to have your bike serviced every year, usually in the late winter or early spring before peak biking season.

Make Sure You're Visible at Night

College Student Insurance Especially if you go to college in a bigger city and plan on riding your bike in the street, you want to make sure you’re visible during a night ride. There are a variety of options, from simple clip-ons, to deluxe rechargeable ones, to headlights that can even come off your handlebars and double as a flashlight.

Follow All Traffic Laws

While some cities will allow you to use the sidewalks, others require bikes to be ridden in the road and follow all traffic laws. Make sure you’re familiar with hand signals to indicate direction and the city’s traffic laws.

Get Your Bike Insured

If your bike gets stolen, you’ll be responsible for covering the costs for a new one. But if you have insurance, such as a personal property policy from NSSI, they’ll make sure you get a replacement.

Make sure you’re covered in the event of your bike being stolen on campus. Click here to get a free quote today!