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Snezana Vulgarakis

  1. 5 Most Common Roommate Problems & How to Deal with Them

    Common Roommate Problems
    Living with a roommate can be an exciting experience, but it’s not always easy. When people share a living space, things don’t always go smoothly, and you may not always see eye to eye with your roommate, so misunderstandings and disagreements are bound to happen at some point.
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  2. 10 Scenarios Where Renters Insurance Can Be a Real Lifesaver

    NSSI Renters Insurance Covered Events
    College students renting an apartment or dorm room are often unsure why they need renters insurance.
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  3. How to Throw a Close Friends College Party

    How to Throw a Close Friends College Party
    Throwing a college party, even a small one with your close friends, is an exciting but challenging experience, especially if you are doing it for the first time in your life.
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  4. Best Podcasts for College Students

    Best Podcasts for College Students
    Educational podcasts offer a unique opportunity to learn something new or expand your knowledge on topics that interest you as a college student.
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