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  1. A College Students Guide: Choosing the Best Laptop

    Choosing the Best Laptop for College Students The moment you decide which college you will attend is not the last big decision you will have to make as an incoming college student. After you’ve come to that conclusion and have decided what you will be majoring in, there are still some large decisions for you to make. For instance, what laptop is going to accompany you on that four-year journey? Normally, we take these blog..

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  2. Best Tablets for College Students in 2017

    Best Tablets for College Students in 2017Let’s be honest, as a college student, gone are the days where you enjoy putting together long Christmas lists for family members who are looking for any clue as to what to get you. In fact, how often do you find yourself simply asking for money for the holidays? I get it. I’ve been there! So the question is what to do with that extra money accrued over the holiday season?

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  3. Black Friday Technology Deals for Students

    Black Friday DealsAs the fall semester continues to push forward, there is little doubt that everyone’s minds are shifting towards the holidays. Before you know it, Christmas will be here! Crazy, right? However, before we get to Christmas there another date that is becoming increasingly important and, for the purpose of this blog, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving. It’s Black Friday.

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  4. Avoiding Halloween Party Disasters

    Avoiding Halloween Party DisastersHalloween is finally upon us! For most college students, this surely means either attending or hosting a costume party at some point this weekend. And while attending a party can be a fun and exciting time; being the host of the party can add a quite a bit of stress to the festivities.

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  5. Tips for Protecting your Personal Property while at College

    Tips for Protecting your Personal Property while at CollegeSchool’s been back in session for nearly a month and there’s no doubt that between studying and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, it can become really difficult to find time to do much of anything during the school year!

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  6. The Harsh Reality of Vandalism in College Football

    The Harsh Reality of Vandalism in College FootballThe beginning of the fall season can be best outlined by 4 major characteristics. 1.) The beginning of the school year 2.) Cooler temperatures 3.) Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING 4.) And yes... College football!

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  7. Cool Tech Gadgets for your Dorm Room

    NSSI Insurance Cool Tech Gadgets for your Dorm RoomIt’s only July, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what students will be taking back with them to college! With full understanding that college students aren’t the world’s wealthiest demographic, there are some very affordable tech devices on the market.

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