iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (a college student's guideWe have all seen the comparisons from the new Galaxy S10 Plus to the iPhone XS Max. But we can’t really compare apples to oranges. Granted, they do have some similarities, but for the most part, there are a vast amount of differences.

We will put the most important specs up side by side for you to compare to figure out which would be the better option.

Display ScreenWe will start with the display screen. Here, the iPhone takes the cake. It has a 6.5 inch display with the resolution of 4000x3000, while the Galaxy has a 6.4 inch display with 4000x3000 resolution. While they both have the same resolution, the Galaxy camera can’t be touched with the resolution being 10 MP + 8 MP dual front facing cameras, while the camera on the iPhone has a 7 MP resolution camera.

MemoryOn the memory side of things, the Galaxy S10 starts out with a 128 GB whereas the iPhone starts with a 64 GB memory for storage. Granted, on both devices, the memory can go up substantially. But as the memory goes up, so does the price tag. The iPhone goes up to 512 GB while the Galaxy can go up to 1 TB.

SecurityEveryone is all about security, which you should have great security when dealing with something that has your entire life/world on it. The iPhone (Newer models), has the facial recognition to unlock your phone, whereas the Galaxy has the fingerprint sensor that will unlock your phone.

ColorsThe Galaxy comes in colors such as ceramic white, prism green, prism black, prism blue and prism white. While the iPhone stays with the gold, silver and space grey.

In summation, both devices possess great features and have some features that are better than the other by small and big margins. So it is totally in your hands which device you prefer. Whether you’re a life-long iPhone user or a die-hard Galaxy fan, college students can go www.nssi.com/individual-quote to ensure their phones are protected from cracked screens, spills, theft and more!