Have a Safe HalloweenAlmost everyone enjoys a fun Halloween party! Halloween encourages its participants to be creative (and competitive) with wildly designed costumes and themed food and beverages. In college, it can be an exciting time of the fall semester! However, what can make the season a little stressful is when you decide to host a Halloween party.

Many times, you are inviting over a countless amount of friends and acquaintances that will have access to your home/dorm and will, ultimately, be in close proximity to your personal property. So how do you ensure that your property is protected? Take a look at the post below for some helpful tips!


Halloween PartyRegulate Attendance

Chances are you have a handful of people you want to invite to your Halloween party, but what happens when that number swells significantly? The possibilities are endless. Restricting your invitees from bringing additional guests and keeping a consistent head count on who is in attendance can go a long way towards controlling the environment. If you find it necessary to allow invitees to invite guests, make sure they are limited to a Plus-one or Plus-two system. Controlled attendance will help you keep a better eye on what is going on and potential thefts or damages.


Electronic Devices: Laptop and SmartphoneDon't Leave Electronic Devices Unattended

It's easy to carry around your smartphone and set it down, for a just a minute, and then realize you have misplaced your device. I'm sure everyone reading this can relate to the sickening feeling when you're away from your smartphone in 2018. Making sure that you keep your phone on you at all times during your party or placing it in a secure location will help prevent this headache!


Door LockLock your Room

In accordance to our previous tip, this is a simple step to take to make sure that no one can access your most treasured personal property. Ensuring that your laptop, iPad, tablet, etc. are located in a safe locked location will provide significant peace-of-mind. Seemingly, with people coming in and out of your house/dorm, potential thieves might find it easy to come in and try and retrieve your expensive personal property. Keeping all that property locked away and in a safe location is vital for tackling this issue!


ChecklistKeep a Checklist

While it might seem tedious, keeping a checklist of your most valuable personal property is a smart option prior to throwing a Halloween party. By all means, focus on having fun during your Halloween party, however keeping a simple checklist (either mental or physical) and checking on these items throughout the night can help you keep track of your property and ensure its safety.


Make sure to take the necessary precautions to prevent your Halloween party from becoming a scary experience for you this year! In the future, though, if you're looking for extra protection of your valuables and some added peace of mind, NSSI is here to help!

NSSI provides College Student Property Insurance for a number of items including smartphones, laptops, furniture, jewelry, bicycles, and more! We provide protection from financial loss against: theft, fire, natural disasters, vandalism, accidental damage, and power surge from lightning strike.