College Student using LaptopWinter break and the holiday season is upon us! And, as a college student, if you are anything like me, you have highlighted one main item on your holiday wish list this year… MONEY. It’s no secret that college students are in desperate need of money during this time when students are, more than likely, not holding a high paying job.

However, money isn’t the only thing that college students need during the school year. A new laptop or tablet can be vital for effectively completing a student’s education! Below we have highlighted some of the top cost-effective and student-friendly laptops available on the market heading into the New Year.


Lenovo Flex 6 141. Lenovo Flex 6 14

The Lenovo Flex 6 14 is an inexpensive and powerful laptop that will help you get through any course! With an appealing design and beautiful display/keyboard, the Flex 6 14 is thought of among the best available. With storage up to 256 GB and at a price of $484.99, this product will give you serious bang for your buck!


Microsoft Surface Pro 62. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The biggest benefit to the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is its long-lasting battery life. As a college student going from class-to-class, battery life is vital! That’s where the Surface Pro 6 comes through. In addition, it contains excellent touch screen capabilities that are among the best in the industry. This device can be yours for about $699.99!


Microsoft Surface Go3. Microsoft Surface Go

Of all the devices listed here, this is the least costly at only $349.00. Microsoft continues to launch its college-friendly laptops with the Surface Go. It is described as having an excellent build with an unplugged battery life of 9 hours. It’s not among the elite in battery life, but for the price you are receiving tons of value!


Dell XPS 134. Dell XPS 13

Dell has continued to be an industry leader in producing college-friendly laptops at reasonable prices. The XPS 13 delivers strong performance and comes in a lightly built design. With up to 1 TB of storage room, the Dell XPS 13 is a college students dream! You can expect to see this product on the market for around $799.99.


Microsoft Surface Laptop 25. Surface Laptop 2

Along with a sleek new design, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is a perfect laptop for college students! One of the bigger complaints of the original model was its slow loading time and overall poor performance. By all indications all of that has been improved this go around! For a $729.00 market price, this laptop is hard to beat!


So take that money you received this holiday season and invest it in a brand new laptop! With a new laptop you can complete homework and study much more efficiently.

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