Getting Ready for Your First Day of CollegeIt’s the summer before you start college!! We know you have a ton on your mind as far as schedules, classes, credits, etc. We have compiled a list to help you stay on track and get focused for the year to come!

It would be ideal to get a calendar for this year. There are many different deadlines and dates regarding classes, tests, etc. It is impossible to remember all of these dates along with everything else you are thinking about! A calendar will help you stay as organized as possible.

Speak to your teachers, advisors, and even your parents about college. Their advice can help you stay focused, organized, and less stressed.

Before College Summer JobJOB/INTERNSHIP:
Think about getting a summer job or an internship in your field of interest. This will help you get ahead by having some experience, or simply get you some extra cash in your pocket for the dorm room necessities!

You should definitely practice writing your essays. College is all about writing. Put your best foot forward and practice, practice, practice!

Before First Day of College Campus VisitVISIT:
Be sure to make a special trip to your college choice before the year starts! This can help you gain insight into the campus, atmosphere, locations, etc. This will also give you an idea of what to look forward to!

Having all of your necessary documentation together is key for a stress-free year. All of your test scores, essays, and letters of recommendation should be in one place for easy accessibility just in case!

First Day of College Packing and MovingSHOPPING:
You have already been accepted, now you have to get ready for dorm-life! Make a list of must-haves. The sooner you start to gather these things, the less stress you will have (not to mention less to spend at once). Ask friends and family for things you may be able to take like decorations, bedding, or supplies. Then start gathering the rest. Don’t underestimate what you might need!

It’s finally here! Make sure you round up all your belongings, say your good-byes, and start moving in! There will be a ton of things to do, orientations, club sign-ups, and of course, unpacking. Gather all the help you can get to make it a breeze!

It may be the last thing you think about it, but it's important to protect your items while at college. All the expensive electronic items and other valuables you are taking with you to college are vulnerable to accidental mishaps, theft and more!

Now you have the tools to succeed! Good luck, have fun, and enjoy your FRESHMAN YEAR!!