College Dorm Personal PropertyThe fall semester is quickly approaching for college students and the brainstorming of what to take back to school is, certainly, in the front and center of everyone's mind. While you might have many of the items necessary to decorate your dorm room, you may be in need of a few upgrades to previously used materials.

In the following blog, we have highlighted a few of the items that might need to be replaced heading into the fall semester!


Dorm FurnitureFurniture

Depending on how long you've been in college, you might be recycling the same old furniture year-after-year and it's safe to assume that wear-and-tear might have set it by this point. Even if visible wear-and-tear isn't visibly apparent, it's probably fair to say that your couch or chair might have accrued some less than desirable additions over the years inside the cushions, namely food crumbs. Regardless, it might just be the perfect time for an upgrade!



Everyone loves getting a new television! While a TV, doesn't typically sustain the same physical depreciation as furniture might, there is still not many things more exhilarating than boasting a new TV in your dorm room. There are plenty of great deals on TV's that will help you escape the daily grind of classwork!



Having a functioning laptop with a high amount of memory can be imperative to your daily education. As many students use their laptops for note taking and research aids, the laptop has become an essential part of a college education. While a laptop might not be the cheapest item on your Back-to-School list this semester, it is certainly the most important!



Bicycle transportation, depending on the size of the campus, is one of the more popular forms of transportation among college students. If you're investing in a bike as being a primary form of transportation from class-to-class, make sure you are acquiring a bike that satisfies the requirements you have for comfortable transport throughout campus. Also, make sure to have the appropriate locks to ensure your bike is not stolen. So if your bike has seen better days, consider upgrading to much more comfortable and less worn model!


Are you considering an upgrade to your personal items as you head back to college this year? If you're looking for extra protection of your personal items and some added peace of mind, NSSI can help you out! NSSI provides College Student Property Insurance for a number of items including electronic devices, computers, furniture, jewelry, bicycles, and more! We provide protection from financial loss against: theft, fire, natural disasters, vandalism, accidental damage, and power surge from lightning strike.