Saving Money in CollegeTypically, the farthest topic from a college students mind is saving money while in school. At this point in your life, there is typically not a large amount of income flowing in and what income you do have goes towards recreational activities and school supplies. Your college years are never considered to be your most profitable years, however there are still ways you can build a solid savings while still attending college!

Take a look at these informative tips on how to save money during your college years while continuing to pursue your degree!


Textbooks1. Choose “Used” over “New”

When it comes to purchasing textbooks for your classes, you have a few options. Some courses will allow you to purchase online versions of your course materials, which would normally be the preferred method. However, usually, you are facing the choice of buying “Used” or “New”. Always go “Used”! I know it might feel weird getting a textbook that has been handled and possessed by a prior student, but I can’t understate how much money you will save!


Young college student driving a car2. Limit automobile use

More than likely, this tip is based on the size of your campus. If you live on a campus that is reasonable for you to attend class on foot or by other means (i.e. bicycle, University transportation, etc.), limiting the amount you choose to drive your car, or whether or not you even own a car, can pay dividends! Reducing gas dollars, car payments and car maintenance will help you build a solid financial base.


3. Reduce recreational spending

This point is very vague in nature, but important nonetheless. Recreational can include any event you might go to: concerts, sporting events, movies and much more! Additionally, you can categorize recreational spending alongside of restaurant and fast-food ventures. Choosing to spend money recreationally is not bad, in nature, but spending excessively in this category can strongly hinder your bank account in the long run.


Young woman browsing on laptop4. Be on the hunt for great deals!

There are many items you need during your collegiate career, to help you acquire the best education possible. Among those are electronic devices. Make sure to take advantage of tax day specials, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal and any other discount you can find when looking to purchase a new laptop or other electronic device. Costs on electronics can be extremely high, so it is imperative for you to find the deals the best suit you!


Cafeteria Food5. Take advantage of what you’re already paying for

A lot of this topic is in conjunction with recreational spending, but it is important that whatever you are currently paying for through your tuition and housing payments that you utilize these services to the max! Whether that is meals at the campus cafeteria or using your campus’ workout facilities over gym memberships, anything along these lines can help you save some serious cash!


We hope you find these tips to be useful! These may seem like small suggestions in the short-term but, in the long run, these tips can materialize into hundreds or thousands of dollars saved post-college. Don’t ever think it’s too early to start considering saving money. Use the aforementioned tips above and set yourself up for financial success after college!