Summer Freedom on the beachThe end of the school year is finally here! With the summer having officially arrived for college students, it’s time to figure out plans for this much needed time off. For many, there will be vacations planned and trips to the beach on the docket, but you don’t need elaborate vacations to make your summer a success.

Below, we have taken a look at some ideas for how you, as a college student, can spend your summer being productive and also enjoying some relaxation.


Waitress Summer JobSummer Job

As the reality of post-graduation life becomes closer to existence, it is important to start building some savings and gain some capital for young adults. A summer job can be the perfect way to begin accomplishing this!

Seasonal jobs are available all over the place during the summer. Whether you work at a local pool, take up a landscaping job, work as a waiter/waitress or anything else in between; there are plenty of options available to young students. Additionally, many seasonal jobs only require you to work 3-5 days per week, which is perfect for those who are still craving some rest!



Unlike a summer job, internships are, typically, less focused on the pay and more about the work experience. Generally speaking, many students will choose to apply for internships that directly apply to the degree they are attempting to attain. Although not as easy to acquire as a summer job, there are plenty of opportunities out there for students to complete internships.

Most internships will not require you to work full standard business days, so you should be allowed to still enjoy some relaxation while continuing to make strides in your career.



For outdoor enthusiasts, the summer season offers the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the weather. The perfect way to be productive while enjoying the season is to engage in some fitness! In 2018, there are plenty of cool gadgets and tech gear available that make fitness even more interesting and engaging.

Fitness trackers allow for in-depth analysis of various activities including: running, swimming and walking. Most fitness trackers will allow you to monitor heart rate, steps, calories burned, laps, etc. Enjoy your fitness this summer and stay active!


Depending on your own personal goals/needs, any of the above options can be excellent options for how to spend your summer! So what are your plans for the summer? Whatever path you choose to take, enjoy some rest and relaxation over these next few months. You’ve earned it!