Google Home Podcast In a world where digital content production is at an all-time high, podcasting has become an important aspect of digital media. Along those lines, it’s also no secret that the rise of smartphone usage has directly impacted this media platform. In fact, since 2014, there has been a 157% increase in podcast usage among smartphone users. So with the population beginning to really latch onto the podcast platform, it is important for listeners to be able to access their content quickly and seamlessly.

That’s where the Google Home comes in!

How do I listen to podcast on my Google Home deviceRecently, Google announced some brand new features to its Google Home device that will allow podcast listeners to transfer their listening from their phone to their Google Home while remembering your listening progress. So what does this mean? Let’s say you are returning to your dorm from class and are listening to a podcast during your walk/drive; once you arrive back to your room you can quickly activate Google Assistant and transfer the podcast over to your Google Home without losing your place.

This updated feature takes advantage of the fact that 22% of podcast listening is done while in transit, while 49% of podcast listening occurs while at home. With Google Home Podcast solidifying the connection with your smartphone, this will now enable you to make the seamless transition and continue listening without a struggle. And, also, allowing you to continue to using your smartphone while at home, without draining your battery life due to the podcast of which you are listening.

Additionally, iPhone users are well-known to be more avid podcast users than Android users, with the average iPhone streaming over ten times more podcasting than the average Android device. Much of this can be attributed to Apple’s built-in app that was instituted for ease-of-use. Google is confident, though, that with its newest User Interface (UI) included in the latest Google Home updates, that this will close the gap between Android users and podcasting.

In the end, the ultimate goal for Google is for these new features to help introduce a new demographic of podcast listeners to the fold and make it easier for current podcast listeners to enjoy their favorite content!

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