Stay fit with tech this college semesterAs a college student, it's a constant struggle to remain physically fit while enduring long days of seminars and late nights of studying. In addition to that, the struggle of eating right and often enough becomes a chore in itself. In summation, fitness often becomes an afterthought when you're living a relatively unpredictable schedule. So, in a technology-based world, how do we ensure that we are getting in an appropriate amount of exercise, sleep, etc.?

In the following blog post, we have highlighted some of the best and most affordable fitness trackers currently on the market!

Acer Leap WareAcer Leap Ware: This is the only device on this list that's release is still pending in the U.S.; however at a market price of $139.00, it's hard to top the Acer Leap Ware! This tracker fully monitors heart rate, stamina, stress/fatigue levels and ultraviolet ray exposure. Some of the additional features include: a transflective LCD display, water resistance technology and a side LED flashlight.

Jawbone UP3Jawbone UP3: Across the market, the Jawbone UP3 is considered one of the better sleep tracking devices available. Aside from tracking your resting heart rate, the UP3 also tracks track light, deep and REM sleep variations while you're asleep. In addition, the monitor begins tracking automatically and enters into sleep mode as you begin to fall asleep. This is the least expensive device on this list at only $31.95.

Moov NowMoov Now: The Moov Now is on the more inexpensive side at just $59.99. It allows you to track your daily steps, calories and additional movements, including: running impact, gym repetitions and swimming strokes. The Moov Now is also fully waterproof! The only negative to this tracker, is that it will cost you extra for additional heart rate monitoring.

Fitbit Flex 2Fitbit Flex 2: While a little more expensive, the Fitbit Flex 2 is a top-of-the-line fitness tracker. Some of the base tracking functions include: step monitoring, distance and calorie burn tracking. Much like most of the devices included on this list this device is also considered to be “swim-proof”. However, if you're looking for a negative for this device, and there aren't many, it would be the underwhelming battery life. All in all, this is an excellent tracker!

While these devices, themselves, won't ensure physical fitness, it will help you better monitor your sleeping habits, resting heart rate, and more!

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