Student Personal Property InsuranceWith the evolution of technology over the past decade or so, photography has become more than just a simple hobby; photography has become a viable profession for enthusiasts everywhere! With a potential salary that ranges up to around $72,000.00 annually, the photography field has definitely become a booming market. So, as a college student interested in getting into photography as a career, you’re put in a tough spot when you need to purchase a high quality camera at an inopportune time financially. Well we’re here to help! In this blog we have highlighted some of the most cost-efficient high quality cameras.


College Dorm Room InsuranceCanon PowerShot SX710 HS: Canon has always been a big player in the photography game and it’s version of the Canon PowerShot SX710 HS solidifies its stance in the industry. The basic features include:

• 30x optical zoom
• 1/2.3-inch, 20.3MP sensor
• 25-750mm, f/3.2-6.9 screen
• 3-inch lens with 922,000 dots
• Movies shot in 1080p

While this camera is considered to be easy-to-use for younger photographers, it is by no means a camera exclusive to beginners. Even the most experienced camera-users find this to be an effective camera. At the price of just $284.13, this is an excellent option for any user!

Camera InsurancePanasonic Lumix ZS50 / TZ70: The Panasonic Lumix ZS50 / TZ70 is a compact camera which boasts a 30x optical zoom and a 24-720mm, f/3.3-6.4 lens. Much like the Canon PowerShot SX710 HS, this camera is considered to be a solid option for both young college students and even upper-classmen. At $284.95, you can certainly do a lot worse than this excellent compact zoom camera!

Affordable Renters Insurance for StudentsNikon 1 J5: This mirrorless camera offers a 20.8MP sensor, a Nikon 1 mount lens and a 3-inch tilting screen with 1037K dots. In addition, it has the capability of shooting movies in 4K! If you are a freshman just getting into your photography courses and need a good place to start, this is it! For only $359.99 you can effectively be on your way to a career in photography!

Dorm Room ProtectionSony RX100: The Sony RX100 isn’t the newest of these cameras, but is still widely considered to be one of the better compact cameras on the market today. The important features include:

• A new titling screen
• A large 1-inch, 20.2MP sensor
• 3-inch lens with 1,229K dots
• Movies shot in 1080p

The biggest negative to this camera is its short zoom functionality. However, in terms of usability, this is considered to be a great camera for an experienced user. So if you’re a senior and are looking for a great option to close out your college career, for $448.00, you could do a lot worse.

Hopefully these options help you fulfill your photography passion, while not exhausting your budget! If you are majoring in photography, and are looking for a low cost protection plan for your invaluable camera, I highly recommend you get a free quote from NSSI! Insure your camera through NSSI and avoid the risk of having to replace the products at a much higher cost!

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