Choosing the Best Laptop for College Students The moment you decide which college you will attend is not the last big decision you will have to make as an incoming college student. After you’ve come to that conclusion and have decided what you will be majoring in, there are still some large decisions for you to make. For instance, what laptop is going to accompany you on that four-year journey? Normally, we take these blog posts to highlight some of the best electronic products available on the market today. However, today we have decided to take a step back and outline the factors you need to consider when buying a laptop for college. Below you will see some of the most important dynamics you need to consider when purchasing a laptop for college.


Best Laptop: Battery LifeBattery Life: This should go without saying, but a large battery can be a life-saver for a college student, no pun intended. If you have a schedule that allows for very few breaks or for very few outlets to recharge your laptop, you could run into some real problems on a daily basis. When you’re doing your research for potential laptops make sure to pay specific attention to the projected battery life of the laptop!

Best Laptop: Battery LifeScreen: This section is fully dependent on the user’s personal preference. If you are going into an art or graphic design field, you will more than likely value the screen size and resolution more than most. Chances are, you will probably be hoping to acquire a laptop with a crisper image than other students, who might be more concerned with the transportability of their laptop. Students who are not in the graphic design field will probably be more content with a more standard sized screen and using the excess savings on features that might be necessary for their major.

Best Laptop: Battery LifeWeight: Here is another area where it is going to depend on user preference. The odds are that no one would prefer to have a heavier computer, however if you are in need of a larger laptop (due to screen size, battery, etc.) you will more than likely not have much of a choice. Regardless, though, if you are looking for a mobile laptop to easily carry around to your classes then aim for as light of a laptop as possible.

Best Laptop: Battery LifeMemory/Storage: No matter what your major might be, there is no doubt that memory and storage on your computer is going to be one of the more important factors for saving large projects, papers and presentations. Targeting a laptop with as many GB as possible is going to be vital towards your purchase decision; otherwise you will be investing heavily in flash drives or other external storage devices.

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