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  1. Sharpening up Your Study Skills before College

    NSSI BlogStudying in high school may seem hard enough, but college is a whole different animal. Instead of teachers and parents chasing you down to make sure your work gets done and you’re putting in the time to study, you’re expected to do this all on your own. If you don’t have the proper study skills, this can be a very difficult task.

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  2. How to Recycle your old Electronics

    NSSIRecycling glass, plastic and paper is easy, but electronics can be a little bit trickier. So what can you do with those old phones, computers and other devices you have laying around? Here are some easy ways you can recycle your old electronics

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  3. Surviving the winter on a College Budget

    It’s no secret that the winter months can sometimes be the most expensive. Between paying your rising heating bill while your apartment still feels like the inside of an igloo and trying to find ways to keep your sanity while you’re stuck in your dorm room, the costs can really start to add up. Here are a few things you can do to save money this winter. 

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  4. Zoom Activities You Can Do This Holiday Season

    With everyone doing their best to social distance, the holidays may feel slightly lonelier this year. But with the help of modern technology, it’s still possible to safely connect with family and friends. Here are some holiday activities that can easily be done on Zoom!

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