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  1. How to Take Advantage of College Welcome Week

    NSSIYour first semester of college is an exciting time, but being in a new place with people you don’t know can be a little scary. That’s where Welcome Week comes in! Welcome Week is the perfect time...

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  2. 7 Ways to Stay Involved in Campus Life as a Commuter

    NSSI BlogGoing to college as a commuter can be challenging. You may feel you’re missing out on the college experience and the chance to meet new people and find your social circle. But even as a commuter, there are lots of ways to get involved around campus!
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  3. 15 Dorm Items to Make College Life Easier

    NSSI BlogWhen it comes to moving into your first college dorm, you may know you need the basics such as bedding, clothes and toiletries

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  4. Tips for Living with Your First Roommate

    NSSI BlogOne of the biggest adjustments to college life can be having a roommate for the first time. Adjusting to someone else’s living habits, quirks and personality can be frustrating, but with a few helpful tips, this doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. And who knows – you may walk away with a new best friend!

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