Tips for Living with Your First Roommate
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One of the biggest adjustments to college life can be having a roommate for the first time. Adjusting to someone else’s living habits, quirks and personality can be frustrating, but with a few helpful tips, this doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. And who knows – you may walk away with a new best friend!

Communication is Key

Dorm Insurance Don’t expect you roommate to be a mind reader. Do you wish they would clean up their dirty dishes, pick their socks up off the bathroom floor or not call their significant other in the middle of the night? They may not even be aware these things are bothering you, and how would they if you’ve never had a conversation about it? The best way to solve anything is by talking about it, which leads into our second point…

Don't Let Things Fester

If you don’t like something your roommate is doing, address it! By nipping it in the bud early, you lessen the chance of a small annoyance turning into a massive argument down the road.

Respect Each Other's Space

Don’t borrow anything of your roommate’s or do anything that could potentially invade their personal space without asking them first.

You Don't Have to Be Best Friends

Student Renters Insurance Contrary to what you see on TV and in movies, you don’t have to be best friends with your roommate. At the end of the day, your roommate is just someone you share a living space with. If all you are with each other is cordial and polite, that’s perfectly fine.

Ask Before Having Someone Over

Whether you’re having a friend over for a study session or inviting your younger sibling to spend the night, it’s important to talk this over with your roommate.

Write Out a Roommate Agreement

One of the first things you and your roommate should do is sit down and come up with a set of rules. This can include anything from policies about guests, cleaning schedules, noise, sharing responsibilities, shower times if you have a shared bathroom or anything else you could see becoming a potential issue.

Accept Each Other's Differences

It’s entirely possible that you and your roommate may come from different backgrounds, maybe even different countries. Everyone has their own quirky habits and ways of doing things, not to mention different cultural norms and religious practices. If it’s within reason, don’t freak out if they do something that may be completely outside the norm for you.

Be Friendy and Get to Know Them

NSSI It can be uncomfortable getting to know a new person, but put in an effort to be friendly and get to know them. You may end up having more in common than you thought!

Pick Up After Yourselves

It can be uncomfortable getting to know a new person, but put in an effort to be friendly and get to know them. You may end up having more in common than you thought!

Always Lock Up

Whether you’re just stepping out real quick to check your mail or going to the vending machine down the hall, make sure to lock the door behind you. The last thing you want to happen is having you, or your roommate’s, things stolen.

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