When you move into college, you are most likely living with a random roommate in your freshman dorm. Even if you don’t live in a dorm, eventually in your college career you will find yourself living with different types of people. Maybe you met your roommate on your college’s Facebook group or maybe they are a friend of a friend.

College can be a new and exciting place, and getting a random roommate is great way to broaden your horizons, meet new people, and have new and exciting personal experiences.

However, you may at some time find yourself dealing with some roommate drama. Conflict among people who live in close quarters is inevitable, especially when you live with people you might not know very well. We recommend these 4 tips to avoid roommate drama.

College Dorm Room Insurance1. Set Ground Rules/Expectations: Set up rules and expectations from the get go to make sure that everybody is on the same page. Understanding how to divvy up house responsibilities like chores, bills, etc. will help lessen issues in the long run. Beyond chores, understand that you aren’t going to want the exact same things as your roommate. Negotiate things like quiet hours, study time and when the time to party is and when it isn’t.

College Dorm Room Insurance2. Know yourself: Understanding roommate drama means realizing that part of the roommate drama could be your fault. Try your hardest to understand what kind of person you are: what you like and don’t like, what you’re willing to compromise on and what you aren’t. Be honest with yourself about who you are. Know that you are not perfect and infallible, and that any criticism brought against by your roommate may have a grain of truth. Be willing to accept these criticisms and work on them.

College Dorm Room Insurance3. Open Communication: Disagreements between you and your roommates are going to happen simply because you will see them and share the same space with them. Because these problems are going to arise, open communication is essential. Try your hardest to not keep issues and problems to yourself; open up to your roommate about things that are bothering you or things you want to clear up. Know that keeping the problems you have with your roommate inside will make you hate your roommate in the long run.

College Dorm Room Insurance4. Alone Time: Spending a lot of time with your roommate can be great, but eventually you will need to spend some time away. Having some alone time can be a welcome reprieve from time spent with roommates and dealing with college stresses. Focus on yourself and your personal wellbeing and your roommates will benefit in the long run.


Though there are many more things you can do to avoid roommate drama, we believe these 4 are incredibly important! Moving to college can be scary, but focusing on these tips will help stop any potential roommate drama.

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