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NSSI - Broken Devices

About NSSI:
Dorm Room Personal Property Insurance for College Students

If you are sending your child to college, you want to make sure that their expensive devices and belongings are protected on campus. Get the protection they need with Personal Property Insurance! Our comprehensive accidental damage protection and unlimited claim policy will help set your mind at ease.

As a parent, watching your child go off to college is an exciting experience. But you don't want to be stuck with the cost of repairing or replacing their college items when mishaps occur. What if their drop their phone and crack the screen while walking to class? What if their dorm has a water pipe break or a fire that damages their things? What if someone breaks into the dorm room and steals their laptop? With our personal property insurance plan, you won't have to worry. NSSI will be there to cover their belongings if the unthinkable occurs.

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Items Covered

  • PhonePhone
  • LaptopLaptop
  • iPadTablet
  • BikeBike
  • FurnitureFurniture
  • TelevisionTelevision
  • CameraCamera
  • Game SystemGame System
  • MicrowaveAppliances
  • Textbooks and ShirtTextbooks & More

Damages Covered

  • iconAccidental Damage (Cracked Screens)
  • iconWater Damage
  • iconTheft & Vandalism
  • iconFire & Flood
  • iconPower Surge by Lightning

We’ll protect your child’s valuables from the unexpected mishaps of college life:

  • They drop their tablet, cracking the screen in the parking lot.
  • Your child spills coffee all over their laptop.
  • Someone steals their bike on campus.
  • A pipe breaks and floods the dorm.
  • Their roommate's dog gets bored and chews up a textbook.

"They have come through each time I needed them to cover a cracked screen…."

– Michelle ( Customer Testimonal )