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College Students Have a Lot of Stuff ---
Be Prepared if the Unthinkable Happens!
College Reps can sign up for an Opt-in Portal to offer personal property insurance to students!

NSSI | Student Personal Propery | Student Discounts Between their phone, laptop, clothes, electronics, bike, textbooks and furniture, sometimes it seems like students are bringing their entire lives with them. Have you thought about what would happen in the event of an accident or disaster?

If there’s a water pipe break, fire, accidental damage or theft in the dorm, the college doesn’t want to be responsible for thousands of dollars worth of student belongings. That’s where NSSI comes in...

Benefits of an Opt-In Portal...
NSSI | Student Personal Propery | Student Discounts
A customized portal with your school’s logo so students can purchase personal property insurance.
Provide valuable coverage for your students while in turn protecting your college.
Colleges aren't required to collect premiums or be responsible for claims as the contract is between NSSI and the student.
Making it clear the student is responsible for their property, avoiding uncomfortable conversations with parents and students later.

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"They have come through each time I have needed them to cover a cracked screen..."
- Michelle