Personal Property Insurance For College Students

Students attending Pittsburgh Tech are required to have insurance when living on campus. Please select one of the following options to purchase property insurance. You can also elect to obtain your own independent insurance and enter the policy information below.

Personal Property Insurance ?
*per month (billed annually) Coverage: $2,000 (1 Year)
Deductible: $100
Personal Property Insurance ?
*per month (billed annually) Coverage: $4,000 (1 Year)
Deductible: $100
Customize your policy

Select the coverage amount and deductible that is best for you. You can customize your policy based on your needs.

If you have your own independent insurance, enter the policy information here.

What items and damages are covered?

Dorm Room Insurance, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, Electronics, TV, Camera, Gaming System, Clothing, Jewelry, Sports & Music Equipment, Appliances, Furniture, And Much More Perils and Damages Covered: Cracked Screens, Liquid Submersion, Spills, Water Damage, Accidental Damage, Theft & Vandalism, Power Surge By Lightning, Weather, Fire, Flood & Natural Diasters
30 day waiting period required on accidental damage claims (including spills, liquid submersion and cracked screens) for new enrollees.

✔   Unlimited Claims ✔   Worldwide Coverage ✔   Paperless Claim Filing

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