Grambling State University recommends each student has property insurance coverage for cracked screens, theft, or other unforeseen events during their housing experience. You are required to either opt into or out of coverage using this platform.

Have you thought about what would happen if your book bag was stolen with your expensive laptop and smartphone inside? Personal property insurance offers protection against cracked screens, spills, theft, and vandalism for your personal belongings -- including laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs & textbooks -- for as little as $6.50/mo.

Property damage liability insurance covers situations where property is damaged due to resident caused fire, smoke, explosion, water damage, water sprinklers, and sewer back up. Get the peace-of-mind knowing you’re fully covered with both policies for as little as $10.33/mo. Property owners will not be held liable for a residents personal property or any damage a resident causes to their housing.

$6 per month
$13.25 per month
Opt of Insurance
Opt of InsuranceOpt of Insurance

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