Avoiding Halloween Party Disasters

Halloween is finally upon us! For most college students, this surely means either attending or hosting a costume party at some point this weekend. And while attending a party can be a fun and exciting time; being the host of the party can add a quite a bit of stress to the festivities.

It goes without saying that you’re more than likely bound to have one or two guests who end up drinking “a little too much” and that can mean danger for your personal property. With all the fun you had decorating and putting everything into place, imagine the terror of seeing either an expensive device or family heirloom damaged in any way! In the following blog we have taken a look at three simple steps you can take to avoid significant personal property damage during your Halloween party this year.

Keep all important property locked away.
This might seem pretty self-explanatory, but it can easily go overlooked! There are a couple of different angles here:

Laptops, tablets, iPads, etc.: If left out, your valuable electronic devices can be damaged by a variety of incidents. Anything from falling off of a table and breaking the screen to someone spilling a drink on them causing internal damage; you can never be too careful!

Family heirlooms: You are more than likely to have items that have some sort of family importance to them, and the last thing you want to have happen is an unfortunate accident that leaves your property damaged. Not to mention, with the amount of people be coming in and out of the house, it’s important to not risk someone stealing your valuables.

Either way, when hosting a party make sure that you have all important/valuable personal items locked in a bedroom or an area where there will be little to no traffic!

Don’t overlook stains!
When it comes to stains, the only thing you can do is be prepared! Barring the fact that you cover all of your important furniture with plastic wrap, you will always be susceptible to potential staining. The best thing you can do when setting up for a Halloween party is making sure to have plenty of stain removal on hand and intend on doing brief spill-checks throughout the party. Don’t over-stress yourself with this, but if you have valuable furniture that you don’t cover, I would highly recommend being prepared for some sticky situations.

Control your audience (as much as possible).
Let’s be real, when living on a college campus the phrase “control your audience” is almost laughable. However, as a host, I would recommend controlling your guest list as much as possible. How do you do this? A good start would be enforcing a limit on the amount of people each of your guests can bring with them. If you don’t think you can properly control your guest list then recruit a couple of your closest friends to help you monitor the situations mentioned above. Be plenty prepared with paper towels, napkins, and stain remover!

Not every situation is preventable, however if you follow these tips you will be increasing your odds of being in a non-panic situation come Sunday morning. Most importantly though, have fun! Don’t let the potential pitfalls spoil your opportunity to have a good time! Just be prepared! If you're looking for extra protection of your valuables and some added peace of mind, NSSI can help you out! We provide College Student Property Insurance for a number of items including electronic devices, computers, furniture, jewelry, bicycles, and more! We provide protection from financial loss against: theft, fire, natural disasters, vandalism, accidental damage, and power surge from lightning strike.