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National Student Services, Inc. The nationwide leader in College Student Property Insurance since 1971.
    • What happens if my property is stolen from my car? Is it covered?

      Property from your vehicle is covered, provided the vehicle was unattended, has visible signs of forced entry into the vehicle, and if the property is covered by the policy purchased.
    • Will my policy be cancelled if I file a claim?

      Not typically. A policy may be cancelled if the initial risk level has changed due to an excessive amount of claims filed in a short period of time. One claim will not affect your policy renewal. In addition, NSSI never increases premium costs after a claim is filed.
    • How do I pay my deductible?

      • If your device is sent in for repair by one of the facilities we work with, your deductible should accompany your device for repairs and be payable to the repair facility.
      • If a check is issued for a replacement from NSSI, then the deductible will be subtracted automatically from the reimbursement amount.
    • Do I need to file a police report?

      For all theft and vandalism claims, a police report is required to process your claim. Online reports are not accepted for any theft valued over $1,000.00.
    • How long should I wait after filing a claim to hear back from the adjuster?

      If you have not received an email from the claims department within 48 business hours, please call the claims department to verify receipt of your claim.
    • What is the replacement cost for my property?

      This would be the cost for you to purchase a comparable replacement at today’s market value. In some cases, your original property is no longer on the market. The adjuster will issue payment for the next comparable model that is available.
    • What can I send in as proof of ownership?

      Provide to us or our agent proof of ownership for the covered property including any records such as receipt, bill of sale, or paid invoice.
    • Can I take my device in for repairs at a local shop?

      We require claims forms to be submitted prior to any repairs. Any independent repair estimates will not be accepted unless approved by the adjuster prior to submission. You will be contacted by your adjuster with instructions for repair once your claim has been received.
    • How long does it take to receive payment?

      Claim processing can take up to 5-7 business days. On average, policyholders receive payment within 2 weeks from the date of filing the claim.
    • Will NSSI cover property if my student lives off-campus?

      Yes. We cover property on- or off-campus. Your student does not have to live in campus housing. Our coverage is worldwide.
    • Is my policy the same as warranty coverage?

      No. Your policy with NSSI covers perils that warranty coverage does not, such as theft, fire, flood and natural disasters. Warranty coverage protects from mechanical breakdown, manufacturers defects and hard drive failure and generally protects one specific item. Your policy with NSSI covers nearly all of your student’s property.
    • I sent my renewal/application. Did NSSI receive it?

      It is likely that your renewal/application information has not yet been processed. Due to the high volume of mail received during our busy season (June-October), mail processing may be delayed. This will never affect your coverage. A confirmation email will be sent immediately once the renewal/application is processed. To bypass any delay, we always recommend renewing or applying on our website.
    • I don’t know my student’s address at school yet. Will this affect the policy?

      No. Since our policy provides worldwide coverage, we do not require the student’s address. Coverage follows the student, regardless of where they are or where their property is located.
    • My student has graduated. Is this coverage still available after graduation?

      YES! We are happy to say that after graduation we can extend coverage as long as premium is paid and there is no lapse in coverage as a courtesy for students who have a current policy with us.
    • My student is studying abroad. Is he/she covered?

      Absolutely! Their property is protected as they travel, including while studying abroad. Even items in storage or at home are covered.
    • I received a renewal notice but was not planning on renewing the policy until closer to the expiration date. Is this okay?

      Yes. As long as your envelope is postmarked before the expiration date, coverage will not lapse. Or you may renew by phone or online up to the day before the policy expires.
    • What is my password for accessing the My Policy section of your website?

      To set up a password contact us by phone at 1-800-256-6774 or by email at
    • Does my homeowner’s policy cover my student’s property?

      Most homeowner’s policies have many limitations on coverage outside of your home. The biggest difference is in the deductible. Your homeowner’s policy typically will have a deductible of $500-$2000. A policy with NSSI has low deductible of $25, $50 or $100. This allows you to claim smaller items your student has at school. If you are have specific questions about your homeowner’s policy in comparison to our policy, feel free to take our brochure to your agent and ask their advice. Every year hundreds of insurance agents recommend NSSI to their clients.
    • Do you provide coverage only for college students?

      NSSI provides coverage for faculty, staff and college students (both graduate and undergraduate) at all colleges and universities in the United States.
    • Does NSSI’s policy cover bodily injury or property damage liability for which the student is liable?

      No. An NSSI policy strictly covers the student’s property.
    • Does the NSSI policy cover property that is rented, borrowed or belongs to someone else?

      Yes, it covers property in the care, custody or control of the policyholder.
    • Who is your underwriter and what is their rating?

      Our underwriter is Hanover Insurance Company
      440 Lincoln Street
      Worcester, MA 01653
      NAIC#: 22292
      AM Best Rating: A for financial size category of $1.25 billion to $1.5 billion.